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A Few Examples Of Some Of Our Recent Work.

Featured Project

Kitchen Remodel Project

Project Description

The scope of this kitchen remodeling project included moving the fridge to the old pantry location, removing the upper cabinets from the peninsula to open up the kitchen view, and updating all plumbing and electrical fixtures.

We know how inconvenient a kitchen remodel can be and we're very conscious of the interruption it brings to your home. Because we work in-house, we keep control of the project and finish on time without any hiccups. We want to bring peace of mind and satisfaction -- not only after the kitchen is remodeled, but during the construction as well.
First Time Around
Project Manager


New Floor Installation

This project was 2,300 square feet of engineered stained maple, installed in every room. It posed some unique creative challenges as the client wanted to change existing square stairs into curved stairs. This entailed framing out the risers and then having custom curved treads and risers made out of the same maple flooring we were installing in the rest of the house. The client also requested a custom wood medallion be placed in the entry. We had this medallion ordered to fit the thickness, style, and look of our wood floor — and the result was stunning.

" My wife Linda and me were extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of work First Time Around delivered. They followed up immediately if you had a question or problem. We had a 2600 ft plus of wood flooring, plus base with two sets of stairs, one of those stairs we wanted radiused. First Time Around built the radius stairs and templated them to perfection. We would not hesitate to recommend them or give a recommendation. A professional team!"
Richard & Linda Hoover


Roof Repair

On this shingle roof repair, an overhanging tree branch caused damage to the cap shingles. If not addressed, this would have probably turned into a much bigger leak than it already was and could have caused much more extensive damage.

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First Time Around

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